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Prostrating on Turbah

Prostrating on Turbah

Prostrating on Turbah:

In Islam, prostration is known as Sajda which is done to praise the glories of the only God in whom Muslims believe. Usually, Muslims prostrate on prayer mats while Shia Muslims use a small block of clay during prostration. It is ordered to clean yourself and the place before offering Salah. This block of clay with usually seal printed on it is known as Turbah used by Muslims as a sign of cleanliness. Earth is a pure and clean thing that in absence of water you can do ablution with the soil. It is known as Tayammum. Learn more about Importance of Turbah in Islam.

For Shiah, it is the best way of prostration if you do it with a piece of clay.

You can take Turbah with you on travels so that wherever you are, you can prostrate on clean soil.

Shia Muslims believe that it is a humbler way to prostrate on the soil rather than on a prayer mat. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also told his companions to remove turbans while praying so that their foreheads could touch the soil. Whenever he saw a man with a turban while praying, he used to remove the turban himself. 

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