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What is the Turbah prayer stone?

What is the Turbah prayer stone?

What is the Turbah prayer stone? Turbah is pocket-friendly clay tablet usually made from soil of Karbala used by Shia Muslims. BUY TURBAH!

Benefits of turbah in islam

Benefits of Turbah in Islam

Benefits of Turbah in Islam with references to authentic hadith and traditions of Prophet Muhammad and Ahlulbayt. Buy Turbah online now.

Buy Khak e Shifa Online

To Buy Khak e Shifa Online, we welcome ouresteemed customers to visit On the store, they will be able to get the soil of Karbala or Turbah in the form of clay tablets or prayer beads (tasbih / tasbeehs). They can also get a few grams of the Khak e Shifa in small glass containers.

Turbah for Sale Buy Turbah Online Turbah Karbala

Buy Turbah Online

Buy Turbah, Khak-e-Shifa, prayer beads Tasbihs and soil of Karbala Online on

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