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Your premier online store for Shia stuff! is a UK based online retail store which specializes in Shia merchandise. We offer a variety of products in categories such as jewelry, accessories, memorabilia, stationery and clothing. We are a social purpose store in a way that we fund community welfare projects through the profits earned. is a project of PSAPak (Progressive Shia Activists of Pakistan) which is an activist group dealing with affairs of Pakistan’s Shia community. More information about PSAPak can be found on their website here or their Facebook page.

Projects that we fund from our profits fall in various categories including education, socio-political awareness, activism and advocacy, humanitarian relief and disaster management. We fund education of orphans of #ShiaGenocide on a regular basis, we have fund life-aid equipment for injured victims of attacks on Shias, we’ve cheered up families of victims by gifts and have supported them financially and finally, and most importantly, we fund a number of advocacy and activism campaigns for the community. More details on our projects and comprehensive reports of how profits raised from this store have helped the community will be posted on the Blog section of this website. To sum up, here is a list of things that we do:

  • Fund education of underprivileged kids specially Shia kids or those who have lost parents in terrorist attacks.
  • Help families who are victim of terrorist attacks by financial help or gifts to cheer them up.
  • Provide life aid equipment like wheel chairs to people injured in terrorist attacks like Quetta’s Shias.
  • Manage a database of incidents of attacks on Shias in Pakistan. This is only database of its nature.
  • Run advocacy and activism campaigns for Shias of Pakistan and elsewhere + other community welfare projects.
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